Google Shuts Down Picasa -5 Alternatives To Picasa Here


Google Logotype On A Keyboard ButtonAs of March 16th, 2016, Google announced today that it will no longer support the Picasa photo app. According to TechCrunch Magazine, the move comes as a cost-cutting measure that also reads to some industry observers as yet another bid by the Internet search giant to become a ubiquitous, one-stop service for everything from blogging to photo storage. However, many users are not happy with the change. For one thing, Picasa metadata on photos is not supported by Google, which said that users will have to log into Google Photos to update the data. Since not everyone wants to join Google Photos, does this leave Picasa users high and dry?


Not necessarily, says TechCrunch. The desktop app will stay the same, but won’t be updated after the drop-dead date. Meanwhile, after May, Picasa will only allow for downloading and deletion of photos. While Picasa’s interface and functionality are considered out-of-date by many, users have stuck with it largely out of familiarity and the fact that they’ve been using it for so long. For many people who don’t want to use Google Photos for whatever reason, this leaves users scrambling to find alternatives or stuck with a photo-sharing service with a clearly limited shelf life.

Online Advantages has been watching this story develop, and we have some alternatives we’d like to suggest for those who don’t like the idea of being forced to use Google’s proprietary photo service. Many companies will feel the impact when Picassa finally shuts down. From Marketing companies, Photographers, IT Companies and everyone in between.

While there are many services that aren’t as well-publicized as Google’s, they offer much of the same functionality and in some cases might actually play nicer with your images’ metadata than Picasa, although depending on what you’re looking for your mileage may vary. Let’s take a closer look at five Picasa alternatives you might want to check out!

    1. Fast Stone


If you’re not familiar with Fast Stone, you’re not alone. This dark-horse photo editor, converter and warehousing site offers some great functionality, but lacks in name and brand recognition. It features a fairly intuitive interface that allows users to do basic photo editing, such as removing red-eye and adjusting tint and color. While some advanced users may find it too limited for their needs, for the casual shutterbug or people who want to upload and adjust pictures of the latest company event, Fast Stone works just fine.

  1. Microsoft Windows Live Photo Gallery

Offering much of the same functionality that Picasa does, as well as editing tools, Windows Live Photo Gallery is arguably the best-known Picasa/Google alternative for the casual user. However, like Google, a lot of users won’t want to deal with Microsoft’s photo service, especially those who are partial to Apple products. Still, it’s worth giving a look if you need something simple, streamlined and quick to set up.

  1. Flickr

Yes, if you didn’t know, Flickr is still around and working just fine. Unlike Google, Yahoo has no plans to dispense with its photo-sharing service, which it acquired back in the early 2000s. Flickr is more of a stripped-down and straightforward image sharing service, with fewer tools than Fast Stone or Windows Live Photo Gallery, but it’s very easy to use and forgiving of “pilot error” with regards to tagging, sharing and saving photos. It does keep a few basic editing tools on hand, but they’re unlikely to delight advanced users or professional shutterbugs. Flickr’s biggest selling points are that it’s stable, it offers excellent cross-platform sharing, it’s designed with casual users in mind and it’s got a very simple interface, making uploading and sorting photos simple.

  1. Photoscape

Don’t let the generic name fool you. Photoscape has enough functionality, tools and toys to please even the most diehard advanced user, but is easy enough to navigate that even an elementary school student can use it effectively. Photoscape offers an excellent suite of editing and image manipulation tools, cross-platform sharing and gallery capabilities that make it a viable alternative for those who don’t want to use Google or Microsoft, or users who need and want more flexibility and range in their photo-sharing and online storage options.

  1. XNViewMP

This HTML-based photo sharing site allows for quick and easy photo and image conversion, sharing and sorting. Users can also create slideshows, HTML-based online business cards and generate HTML pages for Web viewing. While it doesn’t have the flexibility of Photoscape or the visibility of Flickr, it’s a great program for people who don’t need or want to do a lot of tweaking to their photos, but just want to share them easily.

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