5 Step Internet Marketing Plan for Sunnyvale Businesses

Online Advantages 5 step outline plan

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Ever wonder if you business is in need of internet marketing? Below you will find a serious of steps that will allow you to identify the problems you might be having with your marketing.

Internet marketing has become one of the most prolific ways for customers to identify your business as a potential landing spot to improve their way of living. At Online Advantages, our team specializes in detail ordinate and one-on-one service that is nothing alike in the Bay Area.

1. Responsive Website

Recommended by Google, a responsive website can be attribute to a multi-device site that allows potential customers to view your website through their phone or table, while navigation with ease. Failure to have a responsive website, Google will punish your website by ranking it low or potentially not at all. We are here to help, Online Advantages specializes in web design that would allow us to view your site to find the tedious problems, and fix them for your site to become competitive in the Google search.

2. Social Media

Social Media has become one of the biggest platforms for digital marketing because of the large amount of content and following it has. Customers and potential customers now a days are finding business to share with their friends. Not having a social media presences online can’t really hurt you by limit your growth because those new customers are not finding you anywhere. Online Advantages strategically publishes related content by creating stories that is exciting for you audience.

3. Google Web Master Tools (Now called Search Consule) & Google Analytics

Google analytics is an important data tracker that allows you gather information about your business strategies. Without any type of information your online marketing might be suffering, and instead of making an impact its hindering your performance. At Online Advantages, we gather that data frequently and update clients on strategies and redefined them to have a greater direction. To learn more about Google Analytics, please click here.

4. Paid Marketing

Some people might view paid marketing as a waste of money or time, however, for example having Google Adwords can have a significant increase your business awareness online. Without Google Adwords competitors will take advantage and potentially use it against you. Here at Online Advantages we will work with your site to set up an Adwords campaign with essential monitoring tools that will give your Adwords dollars optimum reach and return on investment.

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To Request A Quote Please Click Here.

5. Organic Marketing Campaign

Along with top four steps, the organic marketing campaign is primarily the most important of them all. Quality content is rewarded by Google who is always looking for fresh content that potential clients are searching for. If your content is the same through all channels Google will automatically decrease your rank because its thinking you’re trying to cheat the system. Online Advantages customizes your content in blogs to fit your website personality, creates informative videos to help have a better understanding, and monitors online reviews to create a better customer experience.

Online marketing has become competitive over the years that by not having a online presence will hurt your chance of growth. The 5 step plan is a broad illustration of the work Online Advantages does to help your business differentiate from the competition and bring in new customers.

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