Is Google Adwords Marketing Right For Me?

Is Google Adwords Marketing Right For Me?

Along with SEO and social media strategies, paid search options such as Google Adwords are an important part of promoting and placing your business in front of the people who will derive the most benefits from it. However, there is a great deal of confusion about how Adwords works. One of the complaints we receive most often is, “I set up an account on Adwords and paid for the promotion, but it’s not working!” In our experience, this complaint comes from a lack of understanding about what Adwords is and isn’t, and what it can and can’t do. Because of this, we felt it would be prudent to go more in-depth about how Adwords functions and why it is such a vital part of your company’s online presence!


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1. The difference between pay-per-click and pay-per-impression


Google Adwords allows you to create an online advertising campaign. Once you have done so, Adwords automatically places your content in front of people who express interest in the kinds of things you’re promoting. If someone clicks on the ad, your account is debited the amount you have agreed to pay per click. This is different from pay-per-impression promotions, which rely more heavily on email or promoted postings that frequently go ignored. Pay-per-click requires interaction on the part of the viewer to be effective, but it also allows you to restrict your advertising budget to target only higher-value leads with a greater conversion potential.


2. The difference between impressions and conversions


An “impression” simply means someone saw your content. A “conversion” means that someone saw your content and interacted with it. Conversion comes in different levels, depending upon the type. Someone who clicks on your Adwords content and is shunted to your site is a low-tier conversion, because this is someone who has not yet interacted with your site beyond the simple fact of being there. If that person remains on the site and looks around, the person becomes a mid-tier conversion because they’ve expressed enough interest to at least learn more about what your company or website offers. Even if they don’t do anything other than look around, they become a potential word-of-mouth company ambassador for you. A high-tier conversion is someone who received the impression, clicked it, interacted with the resulting site and elected to either learn more, make a purchase or schedule a consultation.


3. How to track conversions for an effective Search Engine Marketing Campaign


The key to using Google Adwords effectively is to track conversions at every level. A low-tier conversion may be determined by time on site, while a mid-tier conversion is tracked by page views. However, a low-tier conversion may exhibit mid-tier behavior and vice versa, which means this is not always the best method. Using tools such as call tracking, time on site, page views and subscription or opt-in forms as part of an integrated conversion monitoring and tracking strategy allows you to modify or adapt your campaign readily based on impression and conversion activity, so you can give people more of what they want and less of what they don’t.


4. Is it possible to fail at using Google Adwords for your business?


If used properly, Google Adwords is a very powerful marketing and promotional tool. Used incorrectly, such as by failing to properly track and interact with conversions, Adwords can prove to be a minor to costly mistake for your business. Understanding how Adwords functions and what its limitations are is a crucial step in ensuring you get the maximum benefits and results from your Adwords account, especially if you’re running a high-dollar, high price-per-click campaign.

The online marketing team at Online Advantages has been working with Google Adwords almost as long as it has existed, and we have the knowledge and understanding to create a successful campaign that draws more traffic with a higher impression and conversion rate. By monitoring site interactions, user form usage and time on site, we can establish metrics that allow you to see for yourself how your campaign is working and what the return on investment is. This is imperative to using Adwords successfully, because these metrics are the beating heart of ensuring the campaign is reaching the people it needs to in an effective manner.

We work with your site to set up an Adwords campaign with essential monitoring tools that will give your Adwords dollars optimum reach and ROI, so you can focus on the details of running your business and serving your clientele. However, Adwords is not the be-all, end-all of Internet marketing. It takes cutting-edge SEO, a site optimized for browsing on the broadest possible spectrum of next-generation devices, high authority rankings and outreach efforts such as Google Adwords to create an effective marketing campaign.

At Online Advantages, we take great pride in tailoring an Internet marketing strategy that showcases your business’s capabilities and offerings to their best possible effect, and we welcome the opportunity to show you what an effective marketing campaign run by knowledgeable experts can achieve for your company. For more information on how Online Advantages can help your business succeed, call us at (408) 645-7102 or email us at!