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Local SEO targeted to the greater Portland, Oregon metro area helps increase your Portland business’s online visibility by driving your website to the top of local listings. If you have a bakery in Beaverton or an auto garage in Gresham, you need geographically-relevant traffic to your site. By harnessing the power of specifically targeted local rankings, you can position your company in front of the people who need to see it most: the target customer demographics for your market!

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Online Advantages Portland SEO offers a data-driven local SEO search strategy tailored to Portland and the surrounding area, ensuring the right external location signals are sent. We also handle and manage inbound links, on-page and social signals, and review signals to Google about the locations most relevant to your PDX business. Our marketing strategies are proven to help our clients build a stronger customer base and grow their businesses organically.

Our staff of proven professionals puts a lot of effort into helping our clients achieve higher rankings by regularly checking traffic sources and continuously reevaluating information for accuracy. We can also create profiles on popular web and social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, and more, giving you more channels to relay useful information to your target audiences.

Effective Local SEO Solutions

We also ensure your business shows up in local Portland searches across all platforms, from PCs and laptops to smartphones and tablets. Our goal as expert SEO consultants is to earn your business outstanding listings which put you on top of your competitor companies in Portland by getting you a larger share of the available local traffic.

Online Advantages Portland SEO: Your Portland Seo/Internet Marketing Resource

Local Portland SEO gets you real, organic traffic and return on investment for your marketing consultancy dollars!


If your Lake Oswego, Cornelius, or Portland business doesn’t have a digital strategy for creating, maintaining, and boosting your online presence incorporated into its marketing, you’re missing out on potential customers. Worse yet, you’re leaving easy money on the table for your competitors to grab!


You’ve probably heard digital marketing agencies in Portland or your fellow business owners discussing “SEO,” “organic search,” “ranking in search results” and “social media marketing.” Maybe your advertising agency, app developers, web developers, and user experience professionals have suggested updating your approach, so you can properly avoid the numerous pitfalls and take advantage of the opportunities which await in the digital world, allowing your brand to fuel its online presence and business growth. But it sounds either too good to be true or too esoteric and arcane to be worth the hassle. You don’t have time for this junk! You’ve got a business to run and customers to serve! Why should you break your brain with all this “search engine optimization” stuff?


Well—if YOU don’t make time for it, rest assured your competitors WILL.


Portland’s a city with a vibe and a character all its own, and a lot of search engine optimization consultants in Portland don’t understand that. Instead, they try to give “one size fits all” solutions that completely ignore the uniqueness of the area and the people who call it home. Online Advantages Portland SEO is a different kind of digital marketing agency. We can design and develop a complete Portland SEO and content marketing campaign which will boost your company’s public relations and your organic results both online and in “meatspace,” earning your Portland business the attention, brand recognition, and market share it deserves. We’re proud to have worked with a number of businesses in the Portland and Vancouver, WA area to craft bespoke web marketing plans which got eyes and dollars on their companies, instead of their competition. Now we’d like to do the same for you and invite you to experience the Online Advantages difference for yourself!

What is all this SEO stuff about, anyway? 

SEO touches every part of your business’s online presence, from a visitor’s first impression of your website to the moment a customer leaves a review of your site—and beyond!

SEO, “search engine optimization,” is pronounced “Ess-Eee-Oh.” It’s the backbone of digital marketing and includes things like the keywords, search strings, links, and portals people use to find your business online. Sounds simple, right?

In the early days of Internet 2.0, before the advent of the “Internet of Things” and Web 3.0, search engine optimizations companies had virtually no restrictions on what they could and couldn’t do to get their client's top rankings, whether those rankings were justified or not. In this “Wild West” environment, they used every trick in the book, many of which are frowned upon, disavowed, or outright disallowed by search engines. Some examples of these early methods of gaming targeted search query included:

  • Invisible text, where walls of content which were often just strings and combinations of popular keywords were incorporated into the website’s pages and then hidden from the naked eye. When search engine crawler bots encountered this text, they treated the site as a legitimate resource, which is how a lot of people wound up searching, for example, “Camas law offices” and wound up on a page for “Best plumber in Milwaukie.” Today, search engines penalize sites that try this heavily or even ban them.
  • Keyword stuffing, where multiple iterations of keywords and phrases which are at least tangentially legitimate are crammed in during the content creation process and made into a webpage or blog post in hopes of attracting search engine bots, the snippets of code which review sites for inclusion in the Search Engine Results Pages, or SERPs. This type of gaming is easy to spot because it’s all but unreadable to the human eye or ear and doesn’t flow naturally.
  • Link building schemes where link space to and from others was bought and sold without regard for the relevance of the links to the originating sites. This duped search engine algorithms into thinking a given site had more traffic, visitors, value, and authority than it actually did. Unscrupulous SEO development companies drove the vast majority of this sort of system gaming.

In response to these and other “gray hat” and “black hat” search engine marketing tactics, search engines began refining their algorithms to help prevent users from being directed to low-quality, low-value or irrelevant sites while rewarding sites that offered higher value and relevance with higher rankings in organic searches. They trained the algorithms to seek out warning signs of scammy or poorly executed SEO strategies on low-quality websites, reducing or obliterating their visibility to users. While a few local search engine marketing development agencies continue to use these tactics to turn a quick buck, most are committed to white-hat strategies which work within the confines of the search engines’ algorithms, helping their clients grow their presence ethically and organically over time through outlets like their websites and social media.


Of course, as the algorithms have become more advanced and harder to the game, the bars for quality and performance have likewise gotten higher. Just having a URL and some content isn’t enough, even if it’s great content. Website developers and mobile app creators have been confronted with the challenges of responsive, dynamic designs which allow websites to give a superior user experience from PC to phone to tablet. Keywords aren’t going to cut it on their own anymore; you need them incorporated into great content that offers real value to the end-user. Even shoddy graphics design or poorly conceived logo designs can cost your company points in its ranking, leaving a space for your competitors to access customers who should rightfully be yours! This is why the science behind search marketing is so important to understand.


If your Portland business wants to be found in Google searches, you need a top Portland SEO company to help give search engines a reason to include you in the results!


When it comes to your online presence, selecting the right SEO expert can make the difference between big profits and an expensive public relations problem.

There are plenty of firms that bill themselves as managed service providers, cloud consultants, and marketing agencies in Portland. Most SEO companies in Portland are very good at what they do, and they genuinely want to see you and your business succeed. However, not all Portland  SEOs are so diligent or client-oriented. Sure, they promise SEO results—but when the results don’t materialize, they either offer excuses or stop communicating altogether. Does that sound like the sort of SEO company you want to work with? Online Advantages Portland  Seo works hard to provide top SEO services that  Portland companies can rely on—and more! Many consultants in Portland  can do one thing, or even a few things, and do them really well, but we want to give our clients more than just a few great services and a bunch of “okay” or “we don’t do that here.”   We keep ourselves informed on the latest news and algorithm changes, especially from Google, so we’re ready to modify and adapt our approach to the latest trends and best practices. Because we’re a Google trusted partner, we can also offer services many video production companies can’t, such as Google 360 virtual tours of your business and SEO-enhanced multimedia which earn you eyes, attention, traffic, and of course money.    

Online Advantages Portland is the only SEO firm in Portland you need to know.

Across the street or across the country, from North Carolina to Cupertino to Camas, WA, Online Advantages has helped developers in Portland and around America to help give software development companies, real estate firms, bingo halls, restaurants, and bleeding-edge tech companies reach to achieve the reach and attention their businesses deserve. To review our featured case study, click here!  To learn more about how Online Advantages can help your company grow and keep pace with the latest best practices for SEO, click here or call us at to arrange a free consultation and SEO audit for your business.  To find out more about how Online Advantages can help your company grow and thrive, keep reading for our FAQ about Portland SEO and Internet Marketing in Portland and how Online Advantages does it differently!  

Online Advantages Portland Seo

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Effective Web Development Solutions

Some of the services Online Advantages Portland Seo provides include:

  • Content creation, i.e. websites, Facebook articles, white papers, landing pages, etc.
  • Internet content marketing
  • Mobile app developers
  • Inbound marketing and lead generation
  • Graphic design
  • Pay per click or PPC campaigns
  • User experience consultation and testing to make sure your website looks and performs as well for your clientele as it does for you
  • Reputation management and damage control
  • Google Adwords and Bing Ads management
  • Social media branding and deployment
  • Social media management
  • Video marketing
  • And more!

Online Advantages Portland SEO  has already cultivated a robust relationship with businesses from Washington, DC to Los Angeles, including many right here in the greater Portland area. We know you have your choice of great Portland SEO companies, and we’re committed to being the only digital marketing agency you need for great online marketing that gets you real results, real traffic, and real profits!

Doesn’t our marketing agency handle all this search engine marketing? 

Your local Portland marketing company may not be giving you everything you’re paying for!


There are a lot of great local Portland SEO companies, staffed with good, honest, hardworking people who genuinely care about the work they do and want to see you and your business succeed. However, simply having the desire is no guarantee your online business consulting firm has the skills or tools they need to manifest that desire in a way that benefits your company! Some marketing and reputation management companies in Portland only consider traditional marketing outlets which require paid advertising like newspaper, radio, and TV ads, billboards, and other signage. Other online marketing and SEO consultants in Portland only look at the digital side of the equation, focusing on social media marketing, pay-per-click advertising, keyword research, and content creation at the expense of the “real world” side of owning and operating a business.

Unlike some other Portland SEO agencies, Online Advantages Portland SEO is able to provide a total package of both digital and print materials for your business, whether you’re attracting new hires to a newly opened call center or breaking into the real estate business. Our staff provides all the following services and much more! 

  • Active lead generation
  • Comprehensive SEO strategy sessions to keep you informed and in control of your message and your marketing dollars
  • Content creation services
  • Conversion optimization
  • Graphic design
  • Keyword research
  • Local SEO tailored to the specialized needs of localized businesses in Portland and the PDX metro area
  • Market research
  • Mobile app developers to give you new ways to reach your target market
  • Pay Per Click advertising creation, management, and administration
  • Press releases and public relations/reputation management
  •  Video Production
  • Web development and technical SEO auditing
  • Website design and site optimization
  • And more!

If your Portland SEO expert or advertising agency doesn’t do all this, give Online Advantages a call today!  



Online Advantages Portland SEO works hard to provide top SEO services that  Portland companies can rely on—and more! Many marketing companies in Portland can do one thing, or even a few things, and do them really well, but we want to give our clients more than just a few great services and a bunch of “okay” or “we don’t do that here.”  

We keep ourselves informed on the latest news and algorithm changes, especially from Google, so we’re ready to modify and adapt our on-page SEO and off-page SEO approaches to the latest trends and best practices with each new iteration. Because we’re a Google trusted partner, we can also offer services many video production companies can’t, such as Google 360 virtual tours of your business and SEO-enhanced multimedia which earn your business eyes, attention, traffic, high conversion rate from browser to buyer to loyal customer, and of course money.  

Online Advantages Portland SEO is the SEO company you can trust to get you real results. 


Unlike “SEO specialists” which use shady tactics to show quick results and then offer excuses or disappear on you when their tricks backfire, Online Advantages is committed to using only legitimate, honest white-hat search engine optimization practices. Our SEO campaigns are designed to get your business noticed organically, over time, which means you get all the benefits of enterprise SEO without the risks of having your website flagged or even ignored completely by major search engines. Some of the tools we do this include:

  • Google Tag Manager, which allows us to modify your company’s presence using tags that get attention, so your company stays on the leading edge of search results for local SEO and sets you apart from other companies in portland, CA. 
  • Special computer programs allow us to run a real-time SEO audit and seamlessly compare your page’s performance against the companies in portland which compete for your customers, allowing us to find places where we can help improve your presence and maximize conversion optimization.
  • We’ve all had this happen before: the page says it has the solution you need, but it’s just a bunch of links, buzzwords, and gobbledygook. Maybe it’s great for SEO, in the short term, but it doesn’t really help you or your customers, does it? Online Advantages’ content creation staff create hard-hitting, useful, enjoyable content designed to satisfy the stringent requirements of search engine algorithms while being readable and even fun for regular humans, increasing conversion rate optimization and profits. 
  • PPC management, including A/B ad testing, ad spend monitoring, account manager functions, budgeting, and expert SEO targeting to make sure your portland, CA. target clientele gets the word about your good and services.


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Online Advantages Portland Seo: We Handle All That Internet Marketing Stuff!


Online Advantages Portland SEO is here to help with your tough questions about your Portland SEO strategies and why they matter!


     Frequently Asked Questions about Portland SEO

Question: What’s SEO and why do I need to care about it? –Rachel, Lake Oswego, OR

Answer: Search engine optimization is the complex of activities and services that build trust with search engines and thus potential customers. A top SEO marketing company in Portland knows that from public relations to real estate if you’re not getting phone calls and web traffic, you’re missing a lot of potential customers. Local SEO targeted to the specific needs and interests of your clientele gives you a lot more options for reaching your target customer and lets them know you’re there and ready to help meet their needs. And Online Advantages is here and ready to help you meet yours, by attracting the customers and clientele you need to keep your business vibrant and viable.


Question: How can local SEO help my real estate business? –Jacquisha, Gresham, OR

Answer: No matter what your business is, local SEO is imperative to helping you reach customers. Now more than ever, people rely on digital searches to find businesses and services they can trust. This applies to any business, from real estate to food carts to SEO agencies in Portland. Having the right search engine marketing mixed with “real-world” advertising and outreach can make all the difference in drawing prospective customers to you. Online Advantages has the know-how, experience, and skills to craft a powerful mix of social media, web-based, and real-world marketing that will get you the attention and client stream you deserve, for less than you might think!


Question: Does mobile-friendliness really matter that much to my search engine rankings? –Bettina, Portland, OR

Answer: Any Portland SEO agencies worth their shingle should be able to tell you that in 2016, mobile Web searches overtook wire-based searches from laptops and PCs. 3.5 billion Google searches are initiated every day, most of them lasting under one minute! Every year, between 16-20% of all Google searches are completely new, because the terms used have never been searched for or combined in that particular way before. Starting in July of 2019, Google rolled out mobile-first indexing for new websites’ search engine listings, meaning that new websites got indexed to Google’s mobile search engine before the wired one. All of this means if your website doesn’t look and perform well on mobile devices, it can and will impact your ranking on Google, giving your competitors a chance to take your rightful place just because their website did one thing better than yours. Online Advantages has access to some of the finest web developers in Portland to make sure your website is up to date and ready for whatever the algorithms send your way next!  


Question: Why do I need to hire a Portland SEO agency? I do a blog post every couple of days. Isn’t that good enough? –Baxter, Sunnyside, OR

Answer: If you’re posting regularly updated content, that’s great! It puts you lightyears ahead of your competition already. But if your content doesn’t have the right keywords or enough local impact, it’s not going to help you as much as you think. It’s also important to consider other avenues for reaching customers, including videos, testimonials, highlighted projects and other “out of the box” ways to get the attention of your target clientele. One of the advantages of hiring an SEO consultancy agency is that you get a mix of experience and creative thinking, allowing you to tap into marketing avenues and resources you may not know you have access to, let alone the knowledge to implement effectively. At Online Advantages, we take the guesswork out of your Internet marketing so you can spend more time focusing on delivering outstanding products and customer service, which is why so much of our business is repeat business and some of our clients have been with us since we opened our doors!


Question: Who are the best SEO consultants in Portland? – William, Downtown Portland, OR

Answer: “The Best” anything is always a somewhat subjective term. Depending on your needs, your “best” may not look anything like your competitors’. However, the “best” SEO consultants and campaign designers in Portland should be able to at least offer everything Online Advantages does. They should also do the following things:

  1.                 They should never promise you overnight rankings boosts. If they do, they may be using black-hat SEO tactics which will get you fast results—but also compromise your reputation and may even lead to Google refusing to show your site at all!
  2.                 They should be able to offer case studies and metrics to demonstrate why and how what they do works, and how it will benefit your business’s online presence.
  3.                 If you’re just starting your company or expanding into the Portland area, they should be able to understand your vision and be able to articulate their plan and strategy to help you succeed with actionable milestones for crafting an online presence that benefits your customers and you. They should also make sure your company’s online presence complies with applicable local, state, federal, and, where necessary, international laws concerning advertising and marketing claims.

If your SEO provider or advertising agency can’t or doesn’t do these things, Online Advantages is glad to help you create a new or refurbished online presence that will make your company stand out from the competition! Simply email us at, call us between 9 am and 5 pm Monday-Friday at (503) 966-8016, or click here to reach us through our Contact page!    

Fun Things to Do in Portland, Oregon


At Online Advantages, we know the value of both working hard and playing hard! That’s why we like to include lists of fun things to do in the cities we work in. Some of them are business-oriented, some of them are for the family and some of them are just for us grownups. But no matter what the age bracket, we like to get out and enjoy everything Portland has to offer just as much as you do. We hope you enjoy this list of must-sees for business and pleasure in the PDX area!


Portland Business Alliance

If you’re doing business in the 503 or 971, you know the Portland Business Alliance is a mandatory first stop. They can help connect you with the information, contacts, and assistance you need to get your business up and running. You can find this nerve center of the PDX business community in beautiful Downtown Portland at 121 SW Salmon St., Suite 1440, Portland, OR 97204.


Portland City Hall

You can’t fight City Hall—but you CAN visit! Portland’s City Hall is a primary stop for all businesses in the city, including registering your business, getting your tax paperwork sorted out and business licensing. Be sure to visit the iconic Portland Liberty Bell while you’re on the grounds, which you can find at 1221 SW 4th Ave, Portland, OR 97204.



If you’re a foodie, you probably already know about Cartlandia, which has been featured on the Food Network and travel shows for years. With a little bit of everything from adult beverages to brats, BBQ, and vegan offerings, there’s something waiting in these carts to tantalize even the most jaded palate! Cartlandia is located at 8145 SE 82nd Portland Oregon 97266.



The Oregon Museum of Science and Industry is one of the nation’s premier museums dedicated to technology and industry. Featuring exhibits from the US space race and a rotating roster of special exhibitions including a recent showcase on the work of renowned animation studio Pixar, OMSI has something anyone of any age can enjoy! Also, for the 21+ crowd who want an elevated night out, be sure to check out their regularly scheduled OMSI After Dark list of special offerings. OMSI is located down by the Willamette River at 1945 SE Water Ave, Portland, OR 97214.


Historic Downtown Beaverton

Whether you’re a foodie, an antiquer, a hipster or just looking for something off the beaten path to do, Historic Downtown Beaverton has something for you! Enjoy the shops, restaurants, craft bakeries, and breweries. Indulge in exotic cuisine. Check out the quirky antique, vintage, and thrift shops. Or just people-watch! Farmington Road runs right through its heart, making finding it a breeze. Go check it out for yourself, and bring the kids!




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