12 Questions to Evaluate SEO Company Reputation, Authority and Trustworthiness

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It’s been a busy time at Online Advantages.  Our main corporate office  has moved to Santa Clara, California! In the last few months we have on-boarded more clients than the first 3 years in operation. Because of this, our own blogging has taken a backseat, because we know that without our clients, we don’t have a business and therefore no purpose! However, as we come into 2017, we’ve been looking around and seeing what’s going on in the world of Internet marketing, and have decided to start producing a series of articles that drill down into and explain what the biggest changes in online marketing are and how they impact your business.


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For our first article, we found a great “springboard” piece by Bruce Clay, whom I personally consider to be the Godfather of SEO. Mr. Clay evaluated a number of reasons why not all SEO/SEM vendors are created equal based on Google’s own criteria, and you can click here to read the full text of his article. However, what we really want to focus on is the reasons why your business needs SEO more than ever.

One of the biggest mistakes many  companies make is not taking on a marketing agency. They do this for a number of reasons.  Some have been burned in the past by disreputable, dishonest  SEO vendors, making them skeptical of whether they will receive real value for their investment. Others believe that word of mouth is all they need. Both types of companies have different priorities and reasons for not engaging a reputable SEO/SEM firm, but both wind up at the same place: leaving money on the table for their competitors to take!

In looking over Mr. Clay’s article, we decided to test Online Advantages against his criteria and see how we stack up. The results were surprising, and we think they say a lot about the quality and caliber of the work we deliver for our clients. But don’t take our word for it. Instead, let’s review the criteria one by one and see just how Online Advantages really rates, considered against Mr. Clay’s criteria.

#1. How long has the SEO vendor been in business?

The original version of Online Advantages started out as the Internet marketing division of Online Advantages which goes back to 2007. In 2012 we reorganized and focused on the Internet marketing exclusively, which is what brought us to where we are today. For proof, here’s the LLC paperwork. This is important because longevity, while not necessarily a guarantee of anything by itself, is a good barometer of a company’s staying power. As we all know, companies that don’t handle business are far less likely to STAY in business!










#2. Does the internal team have sufficient skills and experience?


Online Advantages’ founder and CEO, Matt Maglodi, is a graduate of the USF Internet marketing program, and has over 10 years of experience in SEO and Internet marketing. In addition, our writing team is equally talented and experienced, headed by an author with extensive publication experience and a lengthy SEO resume. We vet our staff’s experience carefully to ensure our clients get the best possible mix of value, responsiveness, speed and great content.


#3. Does the company demonstrate thought leadership through speaking engagements, expert content or training?

Every month Online Advantages puts on a GYBO, or Get Your Business Online, event. You can find more info here: https://onlineadvantages.net/get-found-on-google-search-and-maps/

Get Found on Google Search and Maps | Online Advantages Online Advantages is helping small businesses grow their presence online with our “Let’s Put Santa Clara on the Map” workshops at our local office located at [address here]. The best part from our perspective is that GYBO is sponsored by Google. When the reigning Titan of search engines trusts an SEO vendor to put on its events, we think that speaks pretty loudly about just how strong our reputation and capabilities are. The most popular workshops we put on revolve around topics including:

  • Build Your Free Website: This workshop goes over the basics of how to construct a website that does the heavy lifting a business needs it to do, from choosing the right colors and fonts to optimizing for cross-platform functionality and setting up an online shopping cart that works.
  • Get Found On Google Search and Maps: This workshop explains how SEO and geotagging work to help local businesses stand out from their competition by harnessing the power of Google Search. This is especially important for mobile users, who are responsible for over half of all search engine activity. Over 70% of these searches end in a sale. Knowing this, it’s easy to see why these workshops are so important and popular!








#4. Does the company have a good reputation among its peers in the industry?

We like to think so! With clients from San Jose to Miami, we’re a small agency that casts a very long shadow, and some of our current clients go back more than four years with us. Our CEO, Matt Maglodi, is also a Google Trusted Photographer and has worked with both private clients and other agencies.

#5. Has the company received any awards or accolades?

At Online Advantages, we prefer to measure our successes one happy client at a time. However, we are very proud to have been certified as a Green Business by Santa Clara County. This prestigious award shows that we are committed to reducing our environmental impact while still delivering great service and a superior product.

#6. How involved is the company in the industry’s professional organizations and/or professional community?

Online Advantages is proud to be a member of the San Jose Chamber of Commerce, and this year we’re increasing our profile by personally attending two major trade events: SMX West 2017 and Pubcon. Held in March in Silicon Valley and November in Las Vegas, Nevada respectively, these two events are two of the biggest and most important search engine and social media marketing conventions in the world, setting the tone and trends for what the market is doing and can expect in the year to come! We’re very excited about the higher profile these events offer us, as well as what we can learn about how to better serve our clients in 2017 and beyond. We are always seeking new ways to expand and help improve our community, our clients’ results and our world, and we’re always open to new and innovative ideas.

#7. Does the company have SEO methods that are keeping within Google’s quality guidelines (aka “white hat” practices)?

Unlike a lot of companies that focus exclusively on linkbuilding schemes that get quick results but can ultimately hurt businesses’ reputations, our core process is to develop well written relevant content along with videos and social media interaction drivers. While these methods are slower, they generate more stability and greater authority and trust for both search engines and customers alike. We employ methods such as solid onsite SEO that pulls in search engine “crawlers” and helps boost relevance, as well as website architecture that delivers a better overall end-user experience. Also, we also coach our clients on the positive aspects of online reputation and how to manage and control what their customers see. These are the heart of modern SEO, and at Online Advantages, we take them very seriously so that our clients can get real results that stand the test of time.

#8. Does the company demonstrate SEO success by ranking well for their targeted key terms, such as “search engine optimization”?

For the search terms “internet marketing sunnyvale” and “online marketing sunnyvale” we rank as the #1 Google search term. These results demonstrate that we know what we’re doing and how to achieve the same results in a reproducible, effective and sustainable manner for our clients as well as ourselves.

#9. What sort of clientele does the SEO company serve?

Online Advantages serves a diverse clientele in numerous industries ranging from construction to medicine to law firms. We have worked hard to develop the agility and versatility to respond to the needs and emerging interests and issues of such disparate industries, and take a great deal of pride in our ability to do so. Given that we have clients who have been with us for years, and are adding more routinely, we think our track record speaks for itself. After all, if we can tend to the needs of some of the most specialized and demanding professions in the world, ask yourself what such a company can do for you!

#10. What sort of results has the SEO vendor achieved for its clients through its methodology?

Nothing worth having comes fast or easy. No one knows that better than we do. Favorable organic results don’t just happen overnight, but they can be achieved, reproduced and expanded upon. At Online Advantages, we believe in and use the 1-2-3 concept of social marketing.

#1 Get found – This includes developing and expanding client reach through organic searches, by social media, paid organic and social search avenues.

#2 Have great First Page results so when people or potential clients/customer look you up, everything is in its place and looks exactly the way it should to deliver a terrific end-user experience and increase customer satisfaction.

#3 Have your clients/customers blog, write, and review you! User generated content is one of the most powerful things in Internet marketing, marrying the trustworthiness of word-of-mouth promotion with the scope and reach of SEO/SEM.

This process has consistently proven to deliver maximum results and ensure those results will translate to a sustainable top-of-page outcome for our clients.

#11. What sort of results has the SEO vendor achieved for its clients through its methodology?

We have a proven track record of good guidance and great reviews, evidenced by the fact that many of our clients have been with us for years. The fact is, clients have a plethora of choices and no shortage of SEO vendors competing for their business, so client longevity is probably our single strongest indicator of capability and results with regard to our services.

#12. How do they work with new clients?

  • Do they have formal onboarding processes to ensure everything goes smoothly?
  • Do they have dedicated account managers so communication stays open?
  • Do they offer training on their services?

Yes! After five years as a full time digital marketing service, we have successfully developed a very streamlined onboarding process. We utilize sites like Trello to track our work and to keep clients apprised of our progress and project status, so they’re always in the loop as to what we’re doing, how we’re doing it and most importantly why and how it’s going to help our clients’ businesses grow! As part of our commitment to ongoing transparency and openness about how we work, we also offer training on all aspects of our services. The funny thing is that since we save our clients time which allows them to concentrate on running their business, they usually trust to handle all their Internet marketing stuff!

As you can see, we’ve got a lot of credentials and a solid track record to build on. Now, we’d like to help your business become the success story it deserves to be. We’re excited about what 2017 has to offer, and we have every confidence that you’ll find we’re the SEO/SEM solution you’ve been looking for. For more information or to schedule a consultation to learn more about Online Advantages and how we can take your business’s online marketing to the next level, call us at (408) 645-7102 or email us at info@onlineadvantages.net.