Social Media For Business: Customers Unfollowing Brands.


A new study published by Social Media Today examines what makes people unfollow brands on social media. According to Sprout Social, more than 1000 people completed the survey where they described what made up their thoughts on brands content. Although the survey pool is small, a lot of very compelling data arose for those wondering what makes customers unfollow social media brands.Courtesy of:

Actions That Make People Unfollow:

  • 57.5% Brands who are posting too many promotions are missing the ‘social’ element of online platforms.
  • 38.4% Using Slang & Jargon
  • 34.7% No Personality On Their Social Media Accounts
  • 32.3% Attempting To Be Funny But They’re Not
  • 24.7% Not Replying

(Source: Sprout Social)


  • Too Many Promotional Messages
  • Irrelevant Information
  • They Tweet Too Much
  • Slang/Jargon Doesn’t Fit Brand
  • Not Posting

The study also asked customers why they follow brands on social media, they reply with interested in their product/services, promotions, and incentives.

Actions That Make People Follow:

  • 73.4% Interested In Product/Services
  • 58.8% Promotions
  • 51.3% Entertainment
  • 42.2% Offered Incentives
  • 41.5 Interested In Industry
  • 25.1% Social Media Communication
  • 21.0% Friends Follow or Like Content

(Source: Sprout Social)

All the above are particular important if you are looking to build your online brand presence. Yes increasing followers is important, but connection with your audience by engaging in any form is far more powerful. By entertaining and offerings it can lead consumers familiarize themselves with your social media brand, and potentially becoming a paying customers later down the line. Sprout found that 75% of respondents made a purchase because they saw it on social media. With more consumers becoming more active online, social media platforms have become a key consideration and element in the purchase process. Furthermore, the study indicated that 57.5% majority of people following your brand is more likely to purchase something. The study reinforce the rules of content marketing of avoiding negatives and to exceed on the positives like mentioned above.