Marketing Campaign Gone Bad in San Francisco


According to Gulf Digital News, before Justin Biebers “Purpose” album became number one in the world it had to come with strategically campaign of its Nov. 13, 15 release day. Before release day, Biebers marketing team chose to go with a term many people are not aware of – guerilla marketing. Its define as a unconventional way to promote product or service with little to no budget. The aggressive marketing technique for his latest album was to spray paint Justin Biebers name, album title, and release day on busy sidewalks of San Francisco. Guerilla marketing

Now you might be wondering why on sidewalks out of all places? Well, a high number of individuals heading to school or work are always looking down on their phones. In a red light, a quick look down will be a reminder of a release date on a album of an artist who has not released anticipated album in three years.

However, Justin Bieber and his marketing team made the mistake of spray painting the album details on sidewchalk drawingalks, instead of using chalk. Even a month after and rain showers it was still not strong enough to remove the album stencil off the floor. Now, the city of San Francisco has taken action by writing a letter to Def Jam CEO demanding to stop and help clean the graffiti off the sidewalk. City council Dennis Herrera sent a letter to Steve Bartels that said,

” Irresponsibly tells our youth that like-minded lawlessness and contempt for public property are condoned and encouraged by its beneficiaries — including Mr. Bieber and the record labels that produce and promote him.”

We are entering a era where digital marketing is becoming king of advertising products and services, which is taking over traditional marketing used before the internet was so powerful. Although, companies still used the traditional marketing there’s those rare occasion where guerilla marketing is being utilized. As you can read the example above, guerilla marketing is still very effective way of advertising whether you see as positive or negative. I guarantee “guerilla marketing” will be Google multiple times by all those who are unaware of the term. Googling “guerilla marketing” now will result in Justin Bieber controversy in the first page of the news.

At Onlienergy town, wind energy, electric cars. Save the planet concept. Go green. Save the Earth. Earth Advantages we believe in better approaches to advertise products and services. As a Green Certified company we believe in helping the environment, as well as others. If we were consulting Justin Biebers marketing team we would of suggested something much more positive. For example, handing out blankets to the homeless with all the details of the album. That way we can help solve both problems of helping those in need,as well as receiving positive publicity.

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