Local Seo Services

Why Do I Need Local Seo Services?

Local Seo and Google 7 Pack Listings (which is now called the 3 pack or snack pack)  are Google’s ways to help people on the go connect with businesses that meet their needs within the immediate geographical area. For 93% of Americans, “local” means within six miles of their home or business, and this applies to both online and offline shopping. 50% of all people who browse local businesses do so intending to purchase something, and 47% of all local searches end with someone visiting a local business according to Comscore. Because of this, Local Places management is a crucial part of your online marketing strategy, especially if you have a primarily brick-and-mortar business.

1. What are 3 Pack Listings?

“3 Pack” refers to the number of top local results given for a specific search, primarily on a mobile device. For example, typing “tile installer Chicago” will pull up the information of the seven top-ranked businesses on Google’s search within six miles of the user’s home zip code. Local Listings works much the same way, but is geared more toward traditional web users. They are designed to unite local users with businesses which are nearby and can cater effectively to the customer’s needs.

2. Why do I need to update my listings?

One of the ways Google’s new search algorithms determine the authority of a given website is by how accurate and up-to-date the information is. If the website link takes you to an invalid URL, the phone number is not correct or the hours of operation are not posted, Google may reduce the page’s ranking or remove it from front-page search results altogether. Because of this, keeping your business’s listings updated is imperative, especially if you have multiple locations or have recently opened or closed a particular location.

3. What’s the best way to update my listings?

Making sure your business’s factual information, such as address, phone number and business hours is crucial to keeping listings evergreen. However, Local Listings is only one facet of your overall search engine optimization, or SEO, and online marketing strategy. It is important to “marry” your Local Listings efforts with quality SEO and inbound marketing campaigns to make sure that people not only know your business is there, but can find out everything they need to know quickly and easily. This will not only boost your foot traffic, but also help increase your Google ranking because Google’s algorithms err on the side of the theory that more is better. In other words, the more presence your business has online and the more information that’s available about it, the more likely it is to attain a high Google ranking.

4. Is my competition using this?

If they aren’t, they will be soon. As more local results obtain priority from Google searches, your competitors are certain to figure out what they need to be doing to get ahead of the game. However, if you got to the top of your local results through Google’s Local Places or 7 Pack Places first, it gives you an unprecedented opportunity to show both new customers and your competition what you and your business are really capable of. This gives you a chance to establish market dominance on the local level and boost your business far beyond what your competitors thought your business could possibly achieve.

5. So where does Online Advantages come in?

At Online Advantages, we give equal time and attention to every aspect of your business’s online presence from the architecture and design of the site itself to making sure people know where, when and how to find you. Using technology and design that has made us a Google trusted photographer, we can get you more exposure on Google Places and other local search venues, generate more high-quality local traffic, get your website and business more relevant visitors and increase the overall value of your website without increasing the cost of your in-place or projected pay-per-click spending.

Using HD filming, press releases and local events to help generate word-of-mouth interest about your business is just one of many ways we take your Local Places management to a level many Internet advertising and web design companies cannot match. We do this because we understand that a great website and online presence is just the beginning of your business’s needs. You also need to get people in the door and seriously looking at what you have to offer. By working to draw in the people most likely to give your business their ongoing patronage, we also work to show you that there’s more to Internet marketing than simply having a great web design.

Internet marketing is great for casting a wide net, but ultimately people like to give their patronage and money to local businesses over some faceless website that they can’t actually interact with on the personal level. For this reason, we work hard to emphasize the local aspects and benefits of your business. We would greatly appreciate the opportunity to show you how local marketing can take your business far beyond its current market position. Email us at info@onlineadvantages.net or call (408) 645-7102 to learn more!