How Can Plumbing SEO Help My Plumbing Marketing

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Any plumbing business owner knows that as a business grows, it no longer only helps to market your business—it’s essential! But getting and staying competitive in local markets and targeting local businesses can feel like an ongoing balancing act between not enough meaningful digital marketing strategy lead generation and saturating your local market to the point where potential customers don’t even see you anymore because they’ve developed what’s known in the business as “ad blindness.” The good news is, there is a reliable method for scaling the pace at which you grow your plumbing business, so you don’t find yourself increasing leads beyond your ability to keep up while still ensuring you’re positing yourself in front of the potential customers who are looking for your services.

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Local SEO for Plumbers

You may be thinking, “What do I need search engine optimization for? The Yellow Pages worked well enough for my grandfather and my dad, and it’s good enough for me!”

The fact is, marketing has evolved, even if your plumbing marketing plan hasn’t. Just having a plumbing website made plumbing businesses state-of-the-art in 1996; now, all plumbing companies have them, to the point they’re just as necessary and as much a part of the plumbing industry standard as having a pipe wrench and faucet gaskets in your truck. If you don’t have an online presence, or you’ve limited your online marketing to just a website, then overall, you’re missing opportunities to develop plumbing leads that could equate to actual business for your company. Worse yet, you’re leaving those leads and that potential money on the table for your competition to snatch up—and rest assured, they will!

Well-developed plumbing SEO strategies can give you an edge by increasing your rankings in local search engine results, so potential customers can find you when they need you.

This, in turn, gives you a greater ROI versus traditional advertising, helps your company save money on costly print, TV, and radio ads, and offers instant, two-way contact, and communication between your target market and yourself.

“Well, okay,” you might be thinking, “but how does SEO for plumbers do all that? And why should I believe internet marketing is not just some flash-in-the-pan fad made up to sell me something I don’t really need?”

We’re glad you asked—and we’re going to tell you how to improve your plumbing SEO marketing in just five steps! These SEO tips are simple, actionable things you can do right from your desk to start the SEO campaign that is proven to give you SEO performance results you can see and measure for yourself without worrying about an invoice from an SEO agency. Even if you don’t know a sitemap from a stump, incorporating these simple tasks into your daily housekeeping session or weekly business routine will help you start developing your plumbing SEO marketing strategy in just minutes!

Five Ways to Improve Your Plumbing SEO in Five Minutes a Day

The ultimate goal of SEO marketing is to rank as highly as you possibly can in search results. This, in turn, helps to make your business more accessible to your target market, which is to say, users of search engines who are looking for your services. Great SEO for plumbing company owners doesn’t have to be hard or expensive to be effective—in fact, all these SEO plumbing tips are 100% FREE and should take you under five minutes per day total. You don’t have to be an expert in technical SEO to get these benefits and rank on Google, either. All you need is a device that can get you on the internet and five minutes to help your company get higher search rankings!

Note: The five minutes we estimate the following SEO auditing tasks below should take is just enough to check for accuracy and allow for minor tweaks, changes, and corrections. These tips and estimated timeframes assume you already have the basics set up and are just doing housekeeping. Obviously, if you’re starting from scratch with building out the information you need to begin launching these items, they will take longer. Once you get into the habit of adding these to your regular routine, you’ll find yourself saving a lot of time and leaving your rival plumbers wondering why their plumbing SEO isn’t doing as well as yours to market their plumbers to local customers!

Check your business listing (30 seconds)

Google My Business is now Google Business Profile, but it still works mostly the same way. Business owners often detail an account manager to assist with this daily task, but there’s no substitute for what your own eyes can do and how your perceptions can improve your local listing. Ask yourself if your business citations, such as hours, locations, services, and client testimonials, are up-to-date, accurate, and true, so your business shows up in Google Maps properly and reflects the customer experience your clientele can expect. If these are correct, they can help your plumbing company target local businesses fast and easily, and generally, any cleaning you need to do on your business profile should take less than 10 seconds a day. You can check the results by entering “plumber near me” on your smartphone or tablet and fishing for your own website in the Googles search interface.

Check your Google Analytics (60 seconds)

Google Search Console has evolved to provide a number of great, reliable, easy tools and metrics to explore that can help plumbers compare components of their online presence to determine how and where they should be focusing their marketing energy. These tools are constantly updated to make it easy to see and understand how your on-page SEO and technical SEO, like your site’s meta description, work with offsite factors like your pay-per-click advertising program to help plumbers grow their business. Keep in mind that you don’t have to be a full-on web guru to track or understand these digital assets because they’re fairly self-explanatory. Once you have these facts, you can set expectations for enhancing weak areas in your digital marketing process and expand your conversion rate to help your company’s needs and goals get met.

Check your website design and user experience (45 seconds)

These days, users and search engines alike expect web design to be fast, accessible to as many people as possible, and responsive to the devices on which web pages are viewed to earn a higher search engine ranking. Running a quick speed test on your website, checking how your site looks on technology other than a laptop or smartphone and testing your site’s accessibility settings and options can give you a thorough understanding of how properly coded and easy your site is both to search for and to use once a user gets to your website. This can help you determine if you need to hire an SEO agency for services, including web development that will improve your UI/UX and optimize your website to make it easier to crawl, search, and find.

Spot-check your web page for high-quality content writing and internal link building (45 seconds)

One of the main goals of most websites is to become an authority site. That is to say; when a user is looking for a specific kind of information, a given site is considered the leading authoritative source on the topic, which means other sites treat links leading to that site as quality backlinks. Plumbers should consider offering content including pro tip blog post articles, how-to video posts, and content designed to deliver real, valuable information, answers to common questions, and insights on topics that are relevant to viewers. This content should also build links both to and from other content on your site and external authority sites. One example of this might be “How to Connect Your Home’s Water to Your New Appliance Correctly in Four Easy Steps!” You may be thinking, “Why on earth would I do that? I want these people calling me, not DIYing their own projects!” This is true, to a point. However, consider that by helping your customers solve some of their own needs without needing to run their credit card, they’ll remember your company’s name, and this can make your business more attractive to them when they need plumbers to do a job they can’t cover by themselves. A quick spot check for transparency, relevance, and making sure all the links on your pages work and go where they should offer you constant content marketing, and the associated SEO helps boost your online reputation and your search engine ranking.

Online reputation management and social media marketing (2 minutes)

It’s not hard to see at this point how plumber SEO can help you get higher visibility and prospect for better leads and more customers, but this is the place where all that work you’ve been doing shows. This is the place where you check for good reviews and shout them out, such as, “Fred with XYZ Plumbing Software is a housecall pro!” It’s also where you report and politely reply to not-so-good reviews. If you get a great review, spotlight it on your social media! Make sure your new blog posts and updated website content are always showing up on your social media as well because this helps build backlinks to your site that boost your authority. However, this portion of your SEO plan can be time-consuming and frustrating if you get a rash of bad reviews. If you do, you might want to consider hiring an experienced plumbing marketing company and SEO expert to help you manage your online reputation and get your SEO back on track.

Online Advantages is proud to say we can offer a full suite of white-hat SEO services many SEO companies and marketers cannot match, tailored specifically to the needs of plumbing professionals.

We will help you develop, implement, and execute a complete end-to-end digital marketing campaign that gets you the search engine rankings you deserve and an online presence that will make your company the envy of your competitors!

To find out more about how Online Advantages can help your remodeling company with everything from plumbing keyword research to a complete brand overhaul and deployment for a custom home builder, we invite you to click here for a no-cost SEO audit and website analysis.

And to learn more about why Online Advantages is the SEO company your plumbing company needs, we will invite you to keep reading for our answers to frequently asked questions about how plumbing SEO can help your plumbing marketing from plumbers and business owners; like you!

Frequently Asked Questions About Plumbing SEO

Online Advantages is your one-stop source for SEO plumbers and any other kind of working professional can trust to get you real results you’ll love!

Question: Is SEO really that big a deal for plumbers? –Stanley, Mooresville, NC

Answer: For anyone who wants to get to the top of search engine rankings, SEO is crucial. However, if your plumbing SEO isn’t done right, it can be worse than not doing any at all. That’s why we offered the five-minute guide above to give you some things you can do yourself to enhance your SEO. They’re the equivalent of tightening the screws on the bathroom faucet taps to see if that stops a leak. But for a more detailed and thorough result, you’ll be better off contacting Online Advantages to get an SEO agency that really understands the plumbing business and can help you unclog your sales pipeline!

Question: The last time I worked with an SEO agency, I found out they were an SEO reseller who outsourced all my plumbing content work. Do Online Advantages do that? –Lindsey, Contra Costa, CA

Answer: No, we don’t. All our work, from the initial SEO audit to our ongoing plumbing content creation and social media marketing, is done in-house by our team of talented, passionate professionals, so you know you’ll always get real results from people who really know, understand, and care about your business and its success!

Question: What can Online Advantages do for a company that doesn’t do plumbing but does things like pressure washing, window cleaning, and garage door installation? –Eric, San Antonio, TX

Answer: No matter what your company does, Online Advantages offers a complete suite of high-tech, white-hat SEO solutions that can help you gather more actionable data and increase the width of your sales funnel, from Google-based call tracking to an end-to-end SEO revamp and overhaul of your website and social media.

We’re proud to help actual estate companies, cosmetic surgeons, plumbers, roofers, HVAC contractors, auto mechanics, dentists, and other companies and professionals achieve the SEO success their effort, hard work, and dedication deserve.

Now we’d like to do the same for you!

Online Advantages is here to help with all your SEO, content marketing, and web development needs.

To see how we can help you, click here for free, no-obligation website analysis and SEO audit today, and let us show you how fast and easy it can be to get your plumbing company the online respect and recognition; it deserves!

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