Green SEO In San Francisco?


Green Idea! California is currently leading the nation in green policy. One way the state does this is by encouraging companies to reduce their carbon footprints and adopt environmentally sound strategies for their operations. The California Green Business Program monitors power usage, carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions and recycling initiatives to determine positive environmental impact, and offers certification to businesses that demonstrate they meet the exacting criteria established to become a green-certified business. Because of this program, almost 850,000 tons of carbon dioxide or about the equivalent of planting 45,000 trees has been kept out of the atmosphere this year alone…and it’s only May!

So What Is Green Seo?

Online Advantages San Francisco  is proud to be serving the Bay Area from San Jose to San Francisco and beyond. Part of our business ethic is promoting and using technologies and strategies that benefit the environment and our clients. This includes relying almost exclusively on online technology to conduct our business and maintain records, employing electricity-saving systems and servers and conscientious efforts to reduce our environmental footprint wherever and whenever possible. By doing this, we’ve established ourselves as one of only 3,018 businesses in the state of California that are certified green.

You may be asking what environmentally friendly practices have to do with online marketing and search engine optimization. The answer may surprise you! By incorporating Eco-efficient technologies into our business, we can actually keep our pricing structure lower. This means more time spent focusing on your needs and less time worrying about the bottom line. It also streamlines our business so we can deliver better service, faster and more sustainable than our competitors. This saves you time and money because unlike a lot of companies out there, you’re paying for the service instead of the overhead! We believe in Green Business Practices, and not only do we help our clients achieve and exceed their Online Marketing Goals, we also encourage and assist our clients in getting greener.

Now Offering Our Internet Marketing Services To the Great City Of San Francisco

Speaking not as a business owner but as a person, I take environmental issues very seriously and have always evaluated my personal impact on the world around me in terms of how I could make it more positive. This commitment was renewed when I first realized my wife and I were expecting our first baby. I looked around and asked what kind of world I wanted my daughter to grow up in. It was then that I realized that if I wanted her to have a better world, I would have to take affirmative steps to help build it. No one person can heal our environment, but when enough people step up, those small steps become giant leaps!

Because of the California Green Business Program, we’re starting to see a real change in how business functions. Certification in this program is an exacting process that calls into question every facet of how we operate and challenges us to do more than just switching off lights, setting our air conditioners a little higher and making sure we sort our paper and plastic into the right bins. It means embracing an overall driving ethos of reducing waste where possible, recycling where we can and reusing if feasible. It also means developing business strategies and concepts that maximize positive environmental output while minimizing wasteful practices that cost ourselves and our clients money while damaging the environment.

By obtaining CGBP “green” certification, we’ve proven that our commitment to improving our world is ongoing. Like anything else, it is a process and takes time. However, I’m very proud to have achieved this certification because it means my clients get better results without compromising the world I want to leave my children. It also means that Online Advantages has the capability to create innovative strategies that help our clients meet these goals as well. While planetary stewardship isn’t the first thing that pops into anyone’s mind when starting a business, working together to incentivize green business practices and actionable environmental solutions is a winning strategy for everyone. The time and cost savings alone make green business a smart investment, and the fact it lets us serve our clients more effectively just makes us more passionate about doing this and doing it well.

We’ve been serving the Bay Area since 2012, and intend to do so for decades to come. For SEO that hits the mark, content that gets potential clients paying attention to what you have to say and an environmental record that has made us a CGBP-certified company, Online Advantages is here to serve you as well. Let us show you how our green work ethic delivers better results for your business while creating a healthier, happier future for our area, our world and everyone in them. Call us at (415)  299-6269 or email and tell us how we can help your business achieve the marketing success you need!


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