Facebook Subtle Change Causes Havoc


With entering a new year there is always change that causes people to change and react either in a positive or negative way. As a Digital Marketing company, staying up to date is how we get ahead of the competition, thus regarding this blog post about Facebook change. As employees are finishing up work, they are encourage to check clients social media updates, post, and interactions daily. As of yesterday March 30th. 16 (at least for us) we noticed a change on Facebook, the problem? We could not switch to our client pages. Now keep in mind, when clicking “More” on the pages (Left) or click the down arrow to “See More” (Top Right) it takes you to all your pages you can control.



Now from the “Pages” section you can view all your pages or clients. The problem discussed above starts here because before clicking a page would automatically switch you to that account/page. However as of recently, clicking the page it takes you to your main page with access to your own post. Beware that clicking the “Home” page does not take you to the page news feed, but to your personal feed. To view the news feed of your page, you will need to find the “View Pages Feed” which is under picture icon on the left side on the main page.

example 1

Now that you clicked on “View Pages Feed,” does something look different? Yes, Facebook changed the news feed by shifting it right and showcasing “Liked By This Page” on the left. Also, there is no longer a “Favorite” section where people were allowed to change feeds from most recent to top stories. One thing that has not changed has been the row on the top that shows: page, message, notifications, and publishing tools,etc.

example 2

Do not freak out! Facebook might be experimenting with new layouts. What we found out from other people is that they are not liking the change so far. We went on forum for help on Facebook, and people are complaining. Stay tune to see what Facebook does next…