Major Google My Business Update


Google My Business Descriptions: A New (Old) Way to Grab Eyes and Attention!

You probably already know about the importance of having a local business listing on Google My Business. These listings appear as expanded information boxes on Google results pages, giving customers more information before they ever click through and allowing you to showcase the unique, interesting and value-added aspects of your business for viewers in a simple-to-read format. This, in turn, attracts clicks, conversions and clients.

If your business already has a Google My Business page, you’ve got a significant leg up on your competition According to Net Market Share, Google dominated Internet searching throughout 2017, raking in 74.54% of the market. This means Google remains the 800-pound gorilla in Web searches, but it would be unwise to entirely overlook competitors such as Bing, Yahoo, and Baidu, each of which averages between 5-10% of search engine market share.

Surprisingly, as of December 2016 only about 44% of all Internet-facing local businesses had a Google My Business page…but these 44% make up a significant majority of high-visibility results. Likewise, the 56% of business who don’t have a Google My Business page are leaving a lot of money on the table for their competitors to snatch up.

One reason for this trend may date back to Google’s decision to make the My Business Description function visible only on Google Plus, and then to eliminate it from user dashboards entirely in 2016. Now, they’ve brought this visibility-boosting functionality back with a vengeance, giving users an expanded capability to attract viewers, conversions and of course, profits!

The new (old) Google My Business Description function is an exciting development. Not only does it allow more description, but it offers more opportunity for you to sell a prospective client on your business before they ever click a link. 88% of users who searched for a given business called or visited that business in the following 24 hours, anything which offers an opportunity for you to place your business ahead of the competition is obviously a good thing!

While the revamped Description feature is still new and appears to be being phased in gradually across business sectors, it adds one more important function to business owners’ toolkits. Google has included an official help document which explains what Description does and how to do it well to signal boost your business.

The first step, of course, is to have a Google My Business page to start with. It’s hard to give a good description of something which for all practical purposes doesn’t exist! Using Google’s official help documents, you can fill in the information in a basic, paint-by-numbers way.

The real trick to using Google My Business descriptions as they come available lies in something not everyone is good at: promoting your business. In a perfect world, you could just do great work, deliver an awesome product and let your results speak for you. Obviously, the world we live in is anything BUT perfect. Everything about your presentation, from the initial link to the final end-user experience, needs to resonate with the viewer and send a powerful message that only you and your business can truly deliver the things they want, need and didn’t even think to ask for.

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