• Internet Marketing For Auto Body Shops

    A google 360 tour for this business

    Digital Marketing for Auto Body Shops (and Everyone Else Too!)   At Online Advantages, we’ve worked with many different business owners and businesses. One sector in which we have enjoyed a lot of success in our online marketing efforts was the auto body industry. We’ve dedicated a great deal of time and effort learning what

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  • Google Rolls Out Mobile-First Indexing

      A lot of Web-based companies have a rude awakening coming very soon. For most of the last two years, we’ve been following and reporting on Google’s first forays into mobile-first indexing. Until recently, the Internet Titan essentially had a library, or the results which pop up when you type in a search string; and

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  • Major Google My Business Update

    Google My Business Descriptions: A New (Old) Way to Grab Eyes and Attention! You probably already know about the importance of having a local business listing on Google My Business. These listings appear as expanded information boxes on Google results pages, giving customers more information before they ever click through and allowing you to showcase

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  • Google Search Ranking Factors 2017

    You may have noticed people in the SEO/SEM industries talk a lot about ranking factors and how they work. To someone who’s been doing this for a decade or more, these things are as basic as “dog,” “tree” and “sky,” but to a layman they sound cryptic at best and like so much gibberish at

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  • Santa Clara Internet Marketing

    Online Advantages is helping small businesses grow their presence online with our “Let’s Put Santa Clara on the Map” workshops at our local office located at 2905 Stender Way # 86 G Santa Clara, Ca. The workshops will include lessons on online business promotions, website development and more. Participants will also receive hands-on training on getting their

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