Can Google’s Search Console Help You With Your Internet Marketing?



The  answer is yes! Google’s Search Console was formerly known as “Google Webmaster Tools” is services that offers insight on how Googlebots crawl, indexes, and analyses your website for FREE. Search Console is a critical step to your online marketing because Google scans your site for performance that can result in positives or negatives; for example, Google searches for accessible content, monitors malware or spam issues. Now that you have read brief summary of Search Console, it time to understand the tools that are visible ones you have clicked the page.

Upon arriving on the dashboard for the Search Console,  the first thing you will see is your websites current status with square boxes titled crawl errors and search analytics. However, for this blog we are focusing on Search Analytics, (to help you with your seo) so go ahead and click that box. Once you have clicked, a graph will be shown with a graph with three rows at the top all label. By selecting a category at the top, the color coded lines will be shown in the graph below and by unselecting it will be removed. For example, Total Clicks  (blue), Total Impressions (orange), Avg. Click-through-rate (yellow), and Avg. Position (green).

Check out google's new search console


Now you will be wondering what all that means? Well by selecting  them together or individually they are four important metrics that will generate SEO answers.

Clicks : measured by the amounts of selections viewers are clicking to visit your website.

Impressions : the amount of times people are viewing your website on a search result. For example, when you searching for a retail store and your scroll through the first page, that is impressions.

C-T-R is a abbreviation for Click-Through-Rate. CTR is measured by dividing Clicks by Impressions. This displays the amount of clicks your website received when being search for a term (impression). This is the most important metric.

Position is the average rank your website is being positioned when people are searching for keywords that similar to your sites.

Queries are keywords that people are typing into the Google to find your website. Understanding this metric is critical because website owners can adjust to high priority keywords. Also, every other industry is different, so results may vary.

Pages are landing pages people visit on your website from an organic search.

Countries identifies the originate of the search.

Search Type are search results that are filter in Google images, video, search

Devices are listed as Smartphone, Tables, or Desktop

Monitoring your website is a very important step to increasing sales as well as staying competitive. Online Advantages is happy to give a free estimation on your website. Happy Holidays!