4 Top Quality Sites to list your San Francisco Business

Seo Advice For San Francisco Businesses


  1. Yelp

When using Google to find a local business the first site to usually be recognize is Yelp, and for a good reason because the site gives the customers the freedom to express their opinion. It’s easy and affordable that by verifying your business in Yelp ensures your contact information is updated and correct, add photos and links, and reply to customers who have posted reviews. Yelp has become a powerful platform because customers are making decisions based on business ratings and reviews. The first step to knowing how to fully utilize Yelp is to list your business to attract old and new customers to verify your services/products.

  1. Twitter

            Twitter is a great platform for any business who is trying to connect with its customers or is trying to create content to attract new customers. Twitter enables users to create dialogue between business and customers, which can be beneficial for both parties because the customer can get an explanation and the business can responded with an apology to a negative situation. On the other hand, businesses can thank those who are admiring the services/product. Just recently, Google is getting tweet index in the search results that can free exposure for your business, however Google is not making it easy rather tweets need to have relevance and authority.

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  1. SF Chamber of Commerce

            Joining the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce can impact your business in various ways because they have the resources to help achieve the next level. Founded May 1850 during the Gold rush the Chamber have been leaders of entrepreneurialism and economic prosperity that has developed a vibrant business network in the 160 years of existents. Joining the chamber of commerce will cost you $$$, however the benefits out weight the cost because it includes: networking, referrals, outreach, visibility, business advocacy, information and resources.

  1. San Franciscso Better Business Bureau

The San Francisco Better Business Bureau  helps unsure customers about where to find verified and unbiased information about local businesses. For over 100 years they have set standard and ethical business behavior to help customers identify trustworthy business and advertisements. Aside from searching for business the Business Bureau allows to review other business to verify services/products. Also, if your business agrees to keep BBB standards and pass BBB review of honesty, transparency, trust, etc. your business can become BBB accredited. Becoming accredited helps create your own deals and guidelines for special offers.

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